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Posted by Lara in Garden, Workshops 25 Jan 2014


20140125GardenWorkshop093About 20 participants from around the area took part in my Edible Garden Basics One Workshop at the San Pedro Cooperative Nursery today.  They were a great crowd.  We covered seed planting basics, microclimates, different compost types, soil components, watering techniques and fertilizers.  There were a lot of questions about shade tolerant crops and pest management.

We’ve started a tradition of swapping seeds at every workshop.  A number of people brought exciting seeds to share with the group.

This workshop kicked-off the 2014 monthly garden workshops I’m doing with the Co Op School in San Pedro.  All proceeds benefit the school.

On February 21st, I’m conducting the second part of the Edible Garden Basics workshop that will cover intercropping, succession gardening and organic pest management techniques.  Stay connected with us on Facebook and here on the blog for more information.

I’m open to suggestions for future garden workshop topics so please feel free to let me know what you’d like to learn.  Please use the comments section below.

Thanks again to all the participants and I look forward to seeing everyone again at the next workshop.

– Lara

Photography by Scott Anger



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