Life in Limbo

Co-producer + Director of Photography
Jury Award for Cinematography, Archaeological Film Festival, 2010
September 07, 2009

A short documentary film directed by Sakae Ishikawa about life in Hasankeyf, Turkey. ¬†Considered an archaeological treasure, this cliffside town has been inhabited since the 9th Century B.C. and is seen as the finest example of a medieval city in Southeastern Turkey. An estimated 8000 caves in the area were once homes to the townspeople.¬†While most of the residents moved to more modern housing in the 70’s, some residents continue to live as their forefathers did. Hasankeyf has endured upheavals and changes through the centuries but it now faces a seemingly insurmountable threat to its survival; a proposed dam on the Tigris River that will submerge the town.

Watch the film on Snag Films

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