We connect people through powerful storytelling and the celebration of food.

Pandau was born from our dedication to the craft of storytelling and our love of food.  Good stories and good food have brought people together for centuries.  It’s a natural combination that builds friendships and grows communities.

Everything we do comes from our desire to inform, entertain and share new ideas.  From feature documentary films to community gardens and from mobile applications to environmental conservation, our goal is to deeply strengthen our connection to the world we live in.

We conduct workshops to help people grow their own food, learn how to tell their own stories and use technology to reach wider audiences.  We make documentary films for theatrical and broadcast around the world.  We also build mobile applications and digital networks that follow the weather and help you find what you’re looking for.

Scott Anger – Founder & Managing Director

For more than three decades, Scott Anger has worked as a journalist and award-winning documentary filmmaker telling stories in more than forty countries.  His work now focuses on leveraging the power of storytelling in ways that promote vibrant and healthy communities.

Email: scott(at)pandauprojects.com

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Lara Hughey – Co-Founder & Edible Garden Maven

Lara Hughey is the co-founder of Pandau and a certified Master Gardener.  After a long career as an award-winning producer and media business executive, Lara has turned her passion for growing fruits and vegetables into a mission to help others become self-reliant and connect with the environment.

Email: lara(at)pandauprojects.com

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The name Pandau comes from the traditional Hmong textile art called pa ndau, meaning “story cloth”.  The Hmong, an agrarian hilltribe people from Southeast Asia, use the art to record events and stories in narrative form.


We are always looking for collaborators in the areas of urban farming/gardening, visual storytelling and software engineering.  If you have experience in mobile application development, storytelling…or just want to put your hands in some dirt, drop us a note at:  info(at)pandauprojects.com


  • I watched the film easily from beginning to end in full-screen mode and didn’t even realize that it was 13.5 minutes long until it was over...some of the scenes were almost so intimate that I felt I should turn my head.

    – Tracy Boyer Clark, Editor/Founder, Innovative Interactivity, after watching “50 Milligrams is Not Enough